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Why do we use the superlative to talk about osmium

10 facts about crystalline OSMIUM

Opportunità d'investimento

Il potenziale d’investimento dell’OSMIO risiede nelle peculiari caratteristiche fisiche e chimiche del materiale, senza dimenticare la sua estrema rarità.

Resistenza estrema

L’OSMIO è il materiale con la più alta resistenza alla pressione. 

Riflesso magico

L’osmio è particolarmente magico quando riflette la luce solare o la luce a LED. Ciò ti consente di vedere un’incredibile gamma di colori da ogni angolazione.

Brillantezza eccezionale

L’Osmio è caratterizzato dalla sua unica lucentezza blu-argento e blu-bianco.


OSMIUM is extremely rare

The image shows the availability of precious metals worldwide. The amount of globally available gold fits into a cube with an edge length of 22 meters. In terms of quantity, OSMIUM is the rarest of all precious metals in the earth’s crust, containing 1,500 times less than gold and 2,500 times less than silver.


OSMIUM is precious

Crystalline OSMIUM is 35 times more precious than gold and has the highest value by volume of all precious metals.
1 pure ounce of osmium = 31.1 g.


OSMIUM is brilliant

Crystalline OSMIUM has a steel blue color. Its unique bluish-silvery to bluish-whitish light reflection extends beyond that of a diamond. The light is not refracted on the crystal surface and has a considerable reflection.

The surface of OSMIUM has a complex and unique structure.

This means that each piece of osmium has a fingerprint that makes it unique and makes one piece unmistakable from another.

  • Counterfeiting osmium is mission impossible!
  • Gold can be counterfeited by simply coating the bars with tungsten.
  • Osmium has the highest density of all substances.
  • It is not possible to enclose a less valuable stone within osmium.


OSMIUM is evolving

Osmium was toxic until 2014, when Swiss scientists accidentally discovered the possibility that they could crystallize osmium. The process is extremely complex and time-consuming with as many as 50 interdependent variables (temperature, pressure, gas content, etc.). If only one of these variables deviates, the crystallization process is unsuccessful.

Since its launch in 2014, the price of crystalline OSMIUM has been steadily increasing and is very stable.


OSMIUM is heavy

At the same volume, the weight of osmium is twice the weight of lead. At 22.61 g/cm3, osmium has the highest density of all precious metals.

The high density that characterizes the OSMIUM bars is in fact a further guarantee against fraud.

If you were to place a less valuable core inside an osmium rod, this would reduce its specific density which would immediately expose the counterfeit.

  • Counterfeiting osmium is an impossible mission!
  • Gold can be counterfeited by simply coating the bars with tungsten.
  • Osmium has the highest density of all substances.
  • It is not possible to enclose a less valuable stone within osmium.


OSMIUM is a chemical element

OSMIUM is an element with atomic number 76 in the periodic table of elements. It cannot be chemically/artificially produced.


OSMIUM has exceptional purity

Crystalline OSMIUM has a purity of 99.9995%. In its crystalline form, osmium is completely harmless to the body and skin.


OSMIUM is durable

Thanks to its durability, OSMIUM keeps its brilliance forever. For example, it is also resistant to hydrochloric acid. Its resistance to abrasion surpasses all other substances.


OSMIUM is solid

Crystalline OSMIUM has a value of 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale and is as hard as tungsten and harder than silver and gold whose hardness is 2.7 and 2.5.


OSMIUM cannot be counterfeited

Each piece of osmium is unique. Its surface texture registers 10,000 times more accurately than a fingerprint.


On the website it is possible to authenticate osmium by means of an identification tag showing all the physical characteristics and high resolution photos


The surface of OSMIUM crystals has a complex and unique structure. This means that each piece of osmium has its own DNA record which cannot be confused with another.

  • Every piece of osmium is listed in an international online database.
  • OIC is a unique designation assigned to osmium and is not replaceable.
  • Osmium cannot be melted and recrystallized.
  • Crystallization occurs at a temperature of 3000 degrees Celsius, which melts all other elements.

is Certified

Every piece of osmium on the market is certified. The certification is carried out by the Osmium Institute in Germany. The certificate includes physical data and a unique osmium record/code.

  • Osmium without a certificate does not exist!
  • Each piece of osmium has a high resolution photo that is accessible online.
  • The only institute in the world for osmium certification is the Osmium Institute in Germany.
  • When buying or selling, you must always present a certificate proving the authenticity of the osmium.

Osmium Identification Code

Each piece of osmium is assigned a unique code before being placed on the market. This allows owners and potential buyers to access the certificate in the online database anytime, anywhere.

  • The identification code consists of an eight-digit combination of letters and numbers.
  • The recognition reliability of the crystalline osmium surface structure is about 10,000 times higher than that of fingerprint recognition.
  • The certificate is issued exclusively by the Osmium Institute in Germany and cannot be forged, as it is registered in the online database.

Owner Change Code

OCC is a unique code that we need if we decide to sell osmium. It’s similar to a two-step security key when you sign up for an online bank. The new owner then automatically obtains the unique (new) OCC code that he will need for each further sale of osmium.

  • After the sale, OSMIUM changes ownership, which is entered into the ownership database (OCC).
  • The OCC serves the purpose of a one-time ownership change of osmium.
  • Ownership changes upon registration in an online international database.
  • Without an OCC entry, no sale or change of ownership is possible.
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