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OSMIUM as investment or jewellery

For all investors, jewelers, companies and other interested parties.


As an investment, the most popular are discs and bars of which you can choose sizes and thicknesses. So the investor can determine according to his needs. With a special process and technology, discs and bars can be cut into smaller formats and into any desired shape, even at a later stage, at the request of the owner.


OSMIUM diamonds and stars are used in jewelry as they can be easily incorporated into other products. Eventually you can divide a star bar into individual parts and keep as an investment or installed in jewelry pieces


Crystalline osmium letters and numbers are mostly bought as gifts. The price of each subject depends on its weight.


2D modules are suitable collector’s items for your own collection or as a gift for another person. Therefore, if you wish, we can create a form of your choice. The price is determined before ordering.

Exchange of pure gold, silver, platinum and palladium for osmium

As payment, we offer you the unique opportunity to exchange pure gold, silver, platinum and palladium for osmium at the current selling price of the aforementioned precious metals.

  • fine gold = 24 carats
  • fine silver = 999/1000
  • at least 950/1000 platinum
  • at least palladium 950/1000

Opzioni di pagamento

Sono disponibili le seguenti opzioni di pagamento dell'ordine

  • pagamento con fattura proforma/bonifico bancario
  • pagamento con criptovalute



Opzioni di consegna e costi

  • consegna sicura al tuo indirizzo o a un altro indirizzo a tua scelta
  • consegna all'Istituto Osmio
  • consegna personale protetta per ordini di valore superiore
  • il costo della consegna è legato al valore dell'ordine ed è sempre indicato prima di effettuare l'ordine
  • la consegna viene effettuata tramite l'azienda partner
  • quando l'ordine è in transito, riceverai un numero di tracciabilità della spedizione
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